The Boss ape Poem thread, later having the name of Boss ape fan club/Boss ape poem, was Rptrolls major sucess as a troll in the Sporums, this thread reached 25 pages within hours of its creation. This thread caused Rptroll to gain the reputation he has now.

The Thread ItselfEdit

The thread it self was harmless. It was just a thread about a song of how awesome his creation was. The thread was harmless until Rptroll made a suggestion that outraged many people. This was to have Boss ape in both Darkspore and Spore 2.

The thread featured a song about his boss ape creation.
Boss Ape Poem00:31

Boss Ape Poem

The rap in Rptrolls thread.

A second rap was also created in the thread from CaptainOomp.

Boss ape, he's an ape Wears a lightning striker like a cape He can pwn up n00bs and their planets to lava, Load him on your browser and he carashes your Java! When he's after you there's no-one to call Batman, Spiderman, he'll pwn them all! Boss Ape is ub3r, Boss Ape is strong, His power level's over nine thousand meters long! Some poeple say Boss Ape is for n00bs, Boss Ape will crush them into a cube! Boring adventures have words, they call 'em story Reading is for school, but put Boss Ape in 'em and it is glory! Boss Ape is ub3r, Boss Ape is strong, His power level's nine thousand meters long! Boss Ape!


The responses to the thread were mostly flame. People from the very first page were yelling at Rptroll to get out of the Sporums. Things got even worse when Rptroll made the suggestion that he wanted Boss ape in both Dark spore as "an unkillable hero that uses lava and can one shot any creature in the game." and in Spore 2 as "the main vilian to replace the grox." Flames spam and off topic posts were posted in this thread for 25pages before SporeMasterSlime locked it.

Many other people posted videos of Boss ape getting pwned, or by rptroll "Faxor apes." Many people were trying to troll the troll but the ended up being trolled them selves by rptrolls trolling style.

Killing boss ape00:11

Killing boss ape

A video of Boss ape or "Faxor ape" being killed.

Many people tried to prove that Boss ape was killable but most of them failed, by rptrolls logic. Some think that Boss ape is killed by his own lava but rptroll claims that Boss ape is completely immune to lava. People considered rptroll dead any way after this thread and created a stamp that says "I pwned boss ape." Generally the stamp is very hard to read at a first glance.

Legacy of this threadEdit

This thread gave Rptroll his reputation of Master troll, it was his huge sucess after only his many minor sucesses, rptroll is now known as the smartest troll or the master troll, and many consider that he drives the smaller and weaker spammers away.

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