The banner of one of the largest threads in the Feedback Section, the SPT (Spore Petition Thread)

In this text lies a gude for all who wish to join the exalted souls that dwell in Feedback - so that they may become one among the several great legends that have arisen in that Sporum section frequented by few, but revered by all.

General Tips for New Sporumers in the SectionEdit

  • Follow the Sporum Rules
  • Make yourself at home.
  • Please use proper spelling and grammar when posting in this section.
    • There is little tolerance for text walls.
    • Excessive use of smileys is not well-recieved here.
  • Threads that you should not make:
    • Anything regarding 2005 Spore.
    • ANY thread which focuses on the Aquatic Stage (we have thousands of duplicates, literally)
    • Threads that duplicate any extant, active threads
  • Do not do the following:
    • Use excessive smiley spam (already mentioned)
    • Do not "necro" threads (bumping a thread that is off of the first few pages of the section back onto the first page)
  • Show all Sporumers who come here proper respect. Swearing has no place here.
  • Debate ideas here to your heart's content, but in a civil manner.

Feedback Sporumers of PowerEdit

Feedback has an open nature, and as such Sporumers virtually unknown in other sections such as Creator Corner may just find their niche here. As of present, three users who were initially no-namers in other sections have gained power here, although they have all started to widen their horizons now:

Well, that's the conclusion of the guide. Your contributions are most welcome.

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